your site on Brandle with a set of reward models to suit your customers.

Then set objectives to engage; refer friends, leave feedback,

share on social, try different products.  Be creative.


about your reward site through all the communication you already send.  Whether that be surveys, event invites, feedback request, social sharing.


with customers and reward with progress towards their objectives.


When they refer a friend, give a star.  Left useful feedback, add some points.  Posted a beautiful pic of your latest product, grant a bonus.  Now we have a dynamic dialogue.


customers after all their hard work online or at the checkout.

Again creativity is key.  Customers are different; some like vouchers, others prefer exclusive access to products or events.  

Then help them towards their next goal and next reward.


using Brandle’s administration platform to track customer engagement and connect with your other systems.  

Then modify and iterate.

Ok, I'm listening.

So how does it work?

Makes sense.

How does this help me?

Greater Adoption

Customers sign-up with a click.  Can be given highlighted visibility of your brand next to similar ones.  No longer do they need to carry cards or download apps.  

It’s interactive and fun!

Superior Engagement

Your communication becomes instantly engaging by rewarding customers for every interaction.  This continuous dialogue solidifies brand allegiance and direct in-app messaging makes you quickly noticeable.


The customer insight model allows for enhanced targeting to further strengthen the relationship.  Combining Brandle with your other platforms takes this further still.

More Shopping

Customers are now more engaged.  With a clear view of their progress and built-in gamification, this drives achievement of their objectives towards the next reward.  Inevitably this means more time in-store and greater brand advocation.

Deeper Insight

Customers complete a profile which is then shared with those Brands they follow.  As customers engage, a more detailed picture of that person is formed enabling laser focused targeting across all channels of engagement.  Meanwhile the customer receives a more personalised experience, reinforcing the connection.  Macro analysis of all Brandle users delivers a new level of detail to customer relationship management.

Fast, Agile, Economical

Brandle is simple, quick and inexpensive to launch and manage.  A fully digital platform leveraging existing infrastructure.  


Adapting to both market and individual customer needs is an easy task through the data driven administration platform.  This delivers a strong competitive advantage in a rapidly evolving retail environment.